Monday, March 8


"Shoo! Shoo!"

Friend roused from his sleep.

"Shoo! Shoo!"

I stood up and asked him what the problem was.

"Ay sorry Darc. Akala ko aso."

I was too dazed to laugh. Apparently he thought I was some askal eating up our food stash. Well, I can't really blame him. I was slumped in the darkness embracing our red cooler. My silhouette could have been that of any random critter scouting the stretch of the shore.

But no, I wasn't doing another emo moment. I didn't sleep in our tent because I was desperately waiting for my tummy to throw up a cocktail of beer, vodka, tequila, and what have you. Yet again, I was drunk. I'm not really a beer drinker but being the sole stranger in that group, I tried my best to accommodate. Later did I know that beer doesn't really mix well with tequila. And no, even if it tastes just like Hi-C, The Bar is not a chaser!

It was a fun trip. I finally saw the place and though a lot of people set up camp that weekend, the company I was with was priceless. Friend's officemates had a sudden urge to go to the beach. And I tagged along. It was a good mix of boys, girls, couples, and of course, us. Everyone was game. Everyone was fun. And what happens when happy people get their hands on alcohol? Everyone gets wasted of course!

Midway through the drinking spree, I already felt my face numb up. And when alcohol gets the best of me, I have a tendency to chat everyone up like a Povedan-Assumptionista hybrid. English mode on. It was crazy funny. We were mocking each other, making fun of ourselves. Officemate 1 wasn't very comfortable conversing in English but as with most gay guys, any "liability" becomes an asset by poking fun at it. Siyempre nakipag-sabayan siya. But then, it just had to happen.

Officemate 1 took a shot. He was about to answer me back: "What do you...." And then all of a sudden, even before he finished that sentence, he passed out! Like a robot that got unplugged, his tequila shot seeped out of his mouth, he shut his eyes, and shut down. The boys picked him up from the sand. Checked his pulse and told me, "Ok lang Darc, talagang ganiyan iyan."

Then everyone started getting rowdy. Someone suddenly called for bodyshots.

"Sa utong! Sa utong!"

Of course I joined in.

"Sa utong! Sa utong!"

And then I wondered why all eyes were on me. I stopped clapping. Then everyone started teasing the guy beside me. I learned that he was a relatively new hire. Tall, quite cute, and rugged. Earlier that day, we had a "moment" as another officemate quipped. I assisted him while preparing afternoon snacks and there was a little touching and brushing... of hands. Then when we took group pictures with the sunset as backdrop, he sat beside me. He again sat beside me during dinner and throughout the drinking session.

"Sa utong! Sa utong!" everyone teased.

And then out of nowhere, his voice: "Sige na nga, para matapos na tayo."


I had snippets of sleep while hugging the red cooler. The morning after, I felt queasy with a bad headache to boot. I had fun but I don't think I'd go anywhere near alcohol anytime soon.

Here's to new places to get drunk in, new memories to enjoy, and new people to laugh with! Kampai!!!


  1. nice!!!!

    he likes you. =) go!!

  2. red, the body shot never happened. hehe

    @dabo: nah, the guy's just a tease :)

  3. Haha! Grabe yung utong bodyshot haha

  4. I'd go for the utong bodyshot.... pero sana walang hair. LOL!!!!!!!!!

  5. i've always wanted to do bodyshots =) but i'm just too demure to even try it hehehe

  6. kampaii!!!!

    ugh! this post made me miss alcohol by the beach!

  7. what a fun drinking session!!

    inuman na! :)

  8. kinilig naman ako! hihi i've never had a drink sa beach. it seems really fun.

    ano nangyari sa kamoment mo?

  9. @emman and felipe: no sirs, the bodyshot didn't happen. malakas lang talaga sila mang-trip. hehe

    @lee: ayoko maniwala na demure ka. haha

    @beki and nimrod: manonood na lang ako sa inyo, or i'll be your tanggero. i don't wanna drink anytime soon. hehe. kampai!!!

    @nyl: when we did a stopover sa NLEX, i dropped by McDo tapos nung paalis na ako, i saw him enter and give me a smile. haha. the kid's just friendly methinks :)

  10. @Darc - it all starts with being friendly :D

  11. lol, sige i'll keep that in mind. ahaha

  12. Kampai!

    Wow this post made me miss my dabarkads. It's been more than a year since we last saw each other. Hayz.. the drinking session was endless...

    But then again, after that fateful hangover, I decided to stay off alcohol maybe for good.

  13. that's exactly how i feel about alcohol now! hehe