Wednesday, March 10

Love Story

Boy meets Girl.
Boy falls in love.
Girl thinks Boy is too sissy for her.
After all, she's too headstrong and decided.
Girl gets a boyfriend.
Boy gets a girlfriend.
Girl splits up with the boyfriend.
Boy moves to Australia.
He splits up with the girlfriend.
Girl moves to Korea.
Five years passed.
They remain close friends.

Outside looking in, I saw how their spirits fit.
Same interests, same viewpoints... same emotions.
And then a facebook update:

Girl is in a relationship with Boy.

D: i knew before pa na you'd end up together
D: kayo lang nakakasakay sa trip ng isa't isa
B: i think that's a polite way of saying na "may sarili kayong mundo."
D: well
D: may sarili kayong mundo
D: there.
D: hahahaha
D: seryoso ba to?
B: hinde. joke lang.
D: weh?
B: lol
B: why are u asking kung seryoso ba to?
B: no, isa lang itong social project
D: lol
B: hmm.. it's not something we planned.
B: i guess it's always been there for the past 5 years or so.
D: so it is true!
D: this made my week
D: i am sooooooooo happy
B: pero hindi nga, totoo naman ito.
D: hay, i die
D: i faint
B: and i like how we've gotten into this stage
B: parang it's the most natural thing to do
B: alam mo yun. and people were commenting "finally" a lot. when i think about it, parang ganun nga sya, "finally."
D: i faint
D: i die
B: you fainted and died enough for multiple parallel universes already Darc.
D: i know
D: that's how happy i am

It's the most natural thing to do... finally.


  1. some stories can be similar

    but they will never be the same...

  2. parang blog entry na iyong comment mo moi. kulang na lang picture. hehe

  3. sana may ganyang love story din ako. =)

  4. it took them korea, australia and five years to figure things out. cute and unpredictable.

    pero sabi nga ni geek, similar but not the same...

    here's to hoping engel! :)

  5. There is still hope. For the butterflies, and for romantics. I sigh a sigh of relief, that despite the failed chronology, and the disparate distance, they have found each other.

    And discovered what have always been there, all along. Beauty in sincerity.

  6. I am giving them 1 year...bago sila mag hiwalay este pakasal lol..

  7. @red: failed chronology and disparate distance, that's romantic. hehe

    @JR: lol, yeah, let's see what happens. but if they get married and have kids, those kids are gonna be cyborgs, for real! mga uber computers na siguro. lol

  8. Love is such a mysterious thing. It makes people do stupid things. But then again, I do hope it's love and not lust.

    As for them, here's a Kampai! and to their ala one more chance story, well I do hope it last.

  9. lol @ one more chance. but yeah, i love that movie. hehe

  10. Parang pelikula ng star cinema. common love story, but the twist and turns ang nagpapaganda at nagpapakilig sa atin.

  11. haha i can hear fergie's finally. the power of suggestion nga naman.

  12. awwwww... how sweet...
    nice read...! :)

    love love ooh love love
    what a good romance..


  13. Love that movie too. Lloydie fan me :-)

  14. @atom: star cinema talaga ha? lol

    @nyl: hindi iyon power of suggestion. maarte lang talaga sila. haha

    @nimrod: yep, love love love, i want your love. ahaha, lady gaga.

    @menthos: lol, pero alam mo, first time ko nakitang gwapo si john lloyd sa miss you like crazy. hehe