Wednesday, March 17

Dear John

I have a dream-catcher hanging on my cubicle’s wall. Black threads weaving through each other. Each juncture tied by a knot. Everything enclosed in one wooden circle. How one point of that circle connects to another is a narrative of organized chaos. No clear line can be traced, only detours and ties.


I fancy that the threads in my dream-catcher were once flimsy. That at one point they were rolled up in a tube. Perhaps let loose, they wandered aimlessly. But then, in that circle, as they overlap and create asymmetries, their sinuous nature fades. They support each other. They make themselves sturdy. And what becomes is a pattern of connections, borne of unexpected twists that now… catch dreams.

In this cobweb of a life, I am happy to have met you, to have listened to your story, to have learned from you. My weekend retreat taught me to own my story and that story includes finding you. Yep, you are about to leave. Our days are already numbered. It pains me that we met you a little too late but I know that that pain pales in comparison to what your Siopao must be feeling right now.

True love casts out all fears.

Fear not John. Find comfort in the love that your friends have for you, in the love that your Siopao shares with you, in the love that He selflessly gives you.

Everything happens for a reason. Everything has its time. For now, our season is that of parting but as we tread through this juncture and trace our stories, know that the tie we made shall support you and keep you sturdy… it shall support us, keep us sturdy.

Friend, keep courage, keep faith. I choke as I write this but know that we are behind you. Go ahead… and catch your dreams!


  1. what's so hard about leaving is that, you meet people along the way that will make you realize if they are there for you to stay. once decided to go through a different path but when you are about to... something great happens.

    You and Jepooy

  2. Friends and love ones, are the best reasons for us to miss, for us to come back, for us to look forward to the day when our hands and theirs will meet again.

    have a safe journey to john, for sure your loved ones and dear friends will be there for you at the other line of the phone helping you to ease the pain... waving their hands at the airport at the time of your return.

  3. nice always, it's moving and full of heart

  4. aren't you just the sweetest?....

  5. I love it that whenever I read you, I find honesty. I don't know who John is, but I wish him the best.

  6. so nice. so sweet. so awwwwwwwwwwww...

  7. thanks guys. i'm sure john appreciates your kind wishes. let's all give him a cyberhug! :)

  8. ahhh... goodbye posts are always bittersweet. but a post like this for a leaving friend is special and more than anything one could right about himself.

  9. kahit i only met him once (and super bilis lang), i feel like im going to miss him too.

    wag lang niya iclose blog nya. hahantingin ko talaga siya. haha

  10. so honest and so sweet...

    good friends will always be be good friends no matter how far you are...

    and wish you all the best and have a safe journey bunwich... :)

  11. @nyl: yep, hantingin natin sa disyerto... hehe

    @popoy: it was great meeting you although i wish it was under different circumstances... i had no idea that that would happen. my apologies... but it was fun though ;)