Tuesday, March 2

Power D

The second act opened with a parade dance.

A couple of guys cartwheeled from stage left.
I was in a group of three. We entered doing a chaines.
Centerstage. A couple of battement kicks, plies.
Land in an arabesque.
I couldn't do a pirouette if my life depended on it.
A couple of jumps.
A couple of lifts.
An eight-count free for all. What to do?!
Go front right and do a solo rond de jambe, of course.
Lights fade.


My grades dipped when I was in fourth year highschool because I decided to join the school play. But it was all worth it. No, I didn't enjoy drama... I loved dance. The director had a little problem with us though. Our sissy bodies didn't go well with the de-kanto choreography that previous school plays had. Turned out we were too graceful for the very butch theatre moves he was used to. And so he had no choice but have us do... jazz.

How ironic can you get? An all-boys school mounting a school play with sissy boys doing jazz... and a select group of 14 had a crash course on ballet. Yep, I was in that 14. I did ballet. And then they ask how I turned out gay?

Go figure.



  1. I did gymnatics, competition social dancing (ballroom), pop, hiphop and a bit of breaking, modern jazz, and lyrical. Such a lifetime ago.

    I did those, because I couldn't express the dissolute sadness in my stare, the confused conundrum of a brewing choice. I did those because in every line I drew around the space I inhabited, whether it be stage or hardwood flooring, rehearsal hall or concrete paving, I was speaking, conversing, with myself.

    Subliminal, almost spiritual, the dance engulfed me. Became me. And I wasn't existing anymore, merely the arythmia of consciousness.

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  3. a writer turned murderer.

    now a danseur?

    what's next, darc?

  4. @geek what's next for darc? hmmmmm.

    may naisip ako kung ano. pero di ko sasabihin LOL

  5. another post another side. it gets interesting every time I'm here. Keep 'em coming!

  6. the thought of you working for the military before plus this one, a perfect combo! hahaha

    pero, i really admire those who have the talent for dancing :)

  7. sisihin ang theater sa kinalabasan mo. =)

  8. The usual suspects: the theater club, the dance troupe, the school choir, and of course, boy scout camps. LOL.

  9. @dabo: =)

    @red: ooohh, i wanna try hip hop. your relationship with dance seems very intimate... pero parang mahirap mag-emo 'pag hip hop ang music. hehe

    @travailer: lol. i didn't upstage anyone really. mas pa-star pa iyong iba kong kasama!

    @geek: hunter ;P

  10. quite similar story nung bata ako sa catholic all boy school ako, anually i always plsy as the mother sa mga plays...hahahaha

  11. @jepoy: sira ulo ka talaga. hehe

    @menthos: wow, i don't know what to say. as for the post, i am humbled, for real.

    @lee: i should've reported in tutus pala minsan. hehe

    @engel: haha. as victor said, the usual suspects.

    @victor: theater? check. dance? check. choir? check. boy scouts? hmmm, that i didn't know :)

  12. @wanderingcommuter: ako naman i played sisa once, with matching saya and bandana. haha

  13. You were the Dancing Queen
    Young and sweet
    Only seventeen...

    You could dance
    You could jive
    Havin' the time
    Of your life

    See that boy
    Watch that scene
    Diggin' the Dancing Queen

  14. friday night and the lights are low
    looking out for a place to go

    won't you teach my stiff body how to dance jazz? :)

  15. we were forced to learn all that too when we had to mount westside story. The basketball, weightlifting, track and pingpong athletes were coerced into being graceful. Hahahaha those were the days. 4 pirouettes was the most I could do (5x at just that one time and that destroyed my sock) and 3 on average; the battlements were 6 o'clock thanks to martial arts. Straddle jumps were my favorite; that's the only thing i could legitimately use in hiphop. Awww you danced too that's pretty cool

  16. i agree with menthos. i feel like i got to know a little more of you.

    it's so glee. and i love glee. haha

  17. i love rudeboy and kikit! haha

    but johnny is the real dancing queen. 4 pirouettes and 6 o'clock battements?! i can't even lift my toes past my waist. hahaha

    nyl!!! let's videoke! hehe

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  19. hmmm, what made you say that?

    don't worry, i won't be stealing your scene. lol. "doing a travailer" should be patented. hehe...

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  21. so ako na talaga ang pasimuno ng pagiging stalker? hehe

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  23. ako rin naman... i think. hehe
    here's to the jaded! ahahaha

    but seriously, it's happier this way ;)